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Bridge lighting technologies and environment designs logically,
to produce high quality lighting environment all over the world.



What we can provide.



For the best lighting environment of the spaces, we will take part in all the phases, from concept design to supervision.

- Architectural Lighting-
Office, museum, hall, retail, hotel, residence, hospital, traffic facility, sporty facility, school, etc.

- Urban Lighting -
City master plan for lighting, guideline, landscape, exterior space, façade light up, park, square, bridge, monuments, etc.

- Creative Lighting -

Illumination, installation, exhibition, PR, event, etc.


Design and sales strategy for lighting fixture design. Reasonable suggestion which integrates technology and art, shape and material. International sales support with marketing regarding the trends and advantage discovery.


Research about the physical and psychologic effect of light Provide the knowledge and technique to the research and development depart of universities and companies. The scope varies : specification of the fixtures and systems, establishment of measurement technique, statistical analysis of physical and psychological data. The data and conclusion can serve to probe the effectivity and quality of the services and products.


3D simulation and BIM , development of special software.Simulations and data analysis has become essential for the light planning. It provides the ways to estimate the precise situation in the planning phase and impressive presentation, improve the efficiency of design work.


Completion photo shooting for architecture and nightscape. High quality completion photo shooting for architecture and nightscape, to reflect the concept of your work. To calculate the best shooting time in the day, we do enough research for the contrast between daylight and artificial light.


Any symposium, conferences, speech, lecture, writing are applicable, if light and photo are related. The scale varies from a piece of device to urban scale theory. Theme target can be professional person, general listener, and even children.


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